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The Story of Buildings

The Story of Buildings is a must-have for anybody who wants to be an architect — or anybody who just loves buildings.










Loaded with cool building cross-sections, the book covers everything its subtitle says: “From the pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and beyond.” I ran an advance copy of the book by an architect I know, and he gave it two very enthusiastic thumbs up. It’s being published in March, but you can preorder your copy HERE.

Microscopic Stuff!

Find out more about how your body is a source of writhing, fighting, hardworking microscopic bacteria — mostly good ones.

For younger readers (8 and up), check out The Invisible ABCs by Rodney P. Anderson. You can buy the book HERE.











For older readers (10 and up), Microscopic Life by Richard Walker is for you. Buy it HERE.



Get Busy With a Business

Turn to these resources for help starting your own business:

Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas! by Adam and Matthew Toren. Buy it HERE.












How to Let Your Parents Raise a Millionaire by Jack James. Buy it HERE.












The Richest Kids in America: How They Earn It, How They Spend It, How You Can Too by Mark Victor Hansen. Buy it HERE.