3 thoughts on “To Build a Fire

  1. Kasia

    I am obsessed with her as well! I need to read Shug some of the suttends in my junior high writing club swear by it. I am not sure I can wait until May for the final installment of the Summer series and the last book is titled We’ll Always Have Summer what is that supposed to mean? I really hope that she ends up with Jeremiah. I would be super sad if she ended up with no one.I am glad that your fellow teachers found the writing prompt to be useful! I am excited to see if any of my suttends get their ending published next week. I figure the worst thing that can happen with the National Novel Writing Month is that I write nothing. I am just going to see how it goes. Even if I write a little, it will have been a success for me. I hope you decide to do it!


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