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As author of the Maze Runner Series and Book 1 of the new Infinity Ring series, James Dashner has had a busy year. BL caught up with the author for a quick chat about his new books, Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time and the Maze Runner prequel The Kill Order.


It’s a big month for you, with two books, The Kill Order and Infinity Ring, releasing soon. Are you writing something now, or do have a break after such a busy year?

I’m always writing something because I love it too much to take a break. Very soon there will be an announcement coming from Random House about a new series that I think my fans will love.

What draws you to writing for a younger audience?

There was just something magical about reading when I was a youth, and writing for them is the only true way I can return to that magic.

When you were younger, which authors were your favorite?

I loved Judy Blume, Madeleine L’Engle, and the Hardy Boys books.

Aside from your own, do you have a favorite young adult book or series? New or old?

My favorite of all time is the Ender series by Orson Scott Card. (For those interested: Ender’s Game the movie will be released in Nov. 2013. Watch for a Boys’ Life story on the movie-making process.)

There is a current trend in Hollywood, adapting YA books into blockbuster movies. Most recently with “The Hunger Games” and “Twilight” series. Is there any news on the Maze Runner movie, or adaptations of any of your other books?

The Maze Runner movie is still in development. Fingers crossed that it happens soon!

Speaking of The Maze Runner, its prequel The Kill Order comes out this week. What can fans of the original three books look forward to?

The prequel will give my readers a first hand glimpse of all the terrible reasons the trilogy needed to happen in the first place.

Could a newcomer to jump into The Kill Order without reading the other Maze Runner books?

I highly recommend that people read the trilogy first because so much of the magic in that story is discovering things piece by piece.

Will this be the final entry in the world of The Maze Runner, or is this the start of new series?

The Kill Order is definitely the last book in the series. That story is done and I’m excited to move on to others.

Infinity Ring seems to have a lot of moving parts, with a multi-platform experience for readers. What is the series all about?

Infinity Ring is a story about an alternate reality of our world where “Great Breaks” in time have caused the modern day world to be in really bad shape, plagued by things such as rampant natural disasters and a ruthless government. The main characters find themselves involved with an ancient society that sends them back in time to correct those Breaks in history.

After the final book in the Infinity Ring series, what’s next for you? Or have you even gotten that far into planning?

There will be a new young adult series with Random House, as well as other stories I have up my sleeve. Many fun things to come!

Take a look at the video preview for the final book in The Maze Runner series:

The Kill Order and Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time are in bookstores now. Check out for the latest info on Dashner’s books.

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