New Book Trailer for The Quantum League


Author Matthew Kirby’s newest book, The Quantum League is an incredibly thrilling novel, filled with science, spies and even magic.

We talked to Kirby about the book here. Now, we have a brand-new trailer for it. Take a look:

5 thoughts on “New Book Trailer for The Quantum League

  1. HarryPotter Fanatic

    When is the second book coming out. Its like waiting for cold fusion to happen. (Its only theoretically possible so its like I’m waiting for somethig that is not coming.)

  2. nerdgirl..WAIT IS IT A SUPERPOWER?

    Amazing. ive been dreaming about a book like this.. just imagine if you could change reality by simply imagining it differently..i would freak. your an amazing author, keep up the good work #SecondComment


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