‘How to Tell a Story’ Creates an Epic Game of Endless Possibilities


If you’re a fan of telling tall tales, How to Tell a Story by Daniel Nayeri is for you. The whimsically illustrated, 144-page book comes with 20 six-sided story cubes that provide all you need to craft more than a million stories.

How Does It Work?

The book is a guide to the principles of creative storytelling, covering the essential elements like conflict, characters, motivation, dialogue, theme and, of course, the climax. As you turn the pages, you’ll be prompted to roll the story blocks that are included with the book.


And that’s when the magic starts to happen. In fact, that’s how How to Tell a Story first got my attention. You can play/read it in so many of different ways. Have some friends over? Break out How to Tell a Story and collaborate on a single epic story. Or, players/storytellers can pit their own stories against other players’, letting a judge to decide which one is best.

You could also play it alone. Roll the blocks and let your imagination lead you to a cool imaginative story that you may not have dreamed up otherwise. Here at the BL office, we’ve used the blocks to get a brainstorming session up and going, break the ice at a meeting, and

If it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. How to Tell a Story teaches you the ins and outs of gameplay, and leaves plenty of room for you to create up your own ways to play, too.

All About the Blocks

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.48.16 PM

Each block has six colored sides, all loosely associated with a part of speech: nouns (people or animals), other types of nouns (things), even more types of nouns (places), adjectives (descriptions or emotions), verbs (actions) and relationships (which like regular relationships, are a whole bunch of messy things at once).

Simply put, How to Tell a Story provides more than million combinations for telling a cool story. That means there are endless ways to read — and play — this book.

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