These Quirky Bookmark Stickers Will Transform Your Book


Attention page folders, there’s a better way to mark your spot in a book. Sure, you can use a cheap bookmark, but why not try something more adventurous.

British designer Duncan Shotton has created a set of inventive sticky paper tabs let you create tiny landscapes on the top of your books. There are 10 themes, ranging from natural landscapes to outer space to cities like London, NYC and Tokyo. Here are a few of the coolest options:




New York






Choose from the following sets:
Mars (aliens, galactic party rock and space buggies)
Sky (fluffy clouds and a juicy little rainbow)
Ocean (curly wurly waves, icebergs and a couple of (friendly) sharks)
Polar (icebergs, igloos, snow covered trees and penguins)
Desert (sand dunes, cacti and skulls)
Forest (pointy, bubbly and perfectly round trees, and tufts of grass)
London (skyline including big ben, the gherkin, St Paul’s cathedral, London eye, red buses, houses and tower-blocks)
New York (skyline including the chrysler building, the statue of liberty, the empire state (inc. king kong), yellow cabs, tower blocks and apartments)
Tokyo (skyline including Godzilla, Tokyo tower, tochoō, sky tree, thundergate, ‘mansions’ and tower blocks)
Hong Kong (skyline including the international finance centre, peak tower, bank of china building, boats and tower blocks)

Each marker type comes in a stack of 20 sheets.

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