Vote For Your Favorite Book Series in BL’s Book Bracket


That’s right, after thousands of votes, we have a winner. Congratulations to the Percy Jackson series! Rick Riordan’s epic saga bested Harry Potter int he final round of voting.

How did your favorite book series do? Sound off in the comments section below.

41 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite Book Series in BL’s Book Bracket

  1. Halfblood219

    yes! Percy Jackson won i have to say harry potter is a good series but it’s just the books are just so long and boring but still don’t get angry at me

  2. moose lover

    why did so many people put percy jackson? it’s not even that good. this contest was rigged and i want a revote.

  3. sniper dude

    i am totaly glad that harry potter won i just finised the series and enjoyed it a lot and the ‘i love magic’ above is from goblet of fire

  4. Twixbar

    Ranger’s Apprentice is way better than a lot of these books. In fact, I think it should have won.

  5. natsunonowaniinunohonesorewofunnzuketehashiretainaidehasshanochideanousowayurusarenei

    A Series Of Unfortunate Series should’ve won!!


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