Win An Autographed Copy of ‘Saltwater Taffy’ by Eric DelaBarre


To celebrate 700 Feet of Terror, the brand-new Boys’ Life short story by Eric DelaBarre, we’re giving away 10 autographed copies of the author’s novel, Saltwater Taffy. Plus, the official Saltwater Taffy “SAWEET” hoodie sweatshirt.

Saltwater Taffy CoverSaltwater Taffy follows the lives of five friends as they uncover a treasure map that once belonged to the ruthless New Orleans pirate, Jean Lafitte. The discovery thrusts them from one treasure hunting adventure to the next as they try to out-wit, out-think and out-maneuver everyone from the one-legged junk-yard man and an overbearing town bully, to the creepy old man living at the top of the hill.


The contest has ended. Congratulations to all the winners.

6 thoughts on “Win An Autographed Copy of ‘Saltwater Taffy’ by Eric DelaBarre

  1. manbat

    Wow! That’s awesome! My Dad and I love the Goonies! When we go hiking or Geo caching we say it’s our time. Goonie time! I’m 10 and a half. I’m in the fourth grade. Congratulations on your book being turned into a movie! Is this your first movie? I know you must be really excited and proud. Since it won’t all fit will that mean a trilogy like the Hobbit? I want to be an author someday. Do you go on scholastic book tours?

  2. Author

    OH…IO. I love it. Cold there, I’m sure. Here’s the exciting news….Saltwater Taffy is being made into a movie. If you loved THE GOONIES or STAND BY ME with a little Treasure Island thrown in for good measure, you’re going to love the movie! As of right now, we are shooting July/August 2015. I have just finished the screenplay adaptation, which was a tough process because it’s impossible to fit all the stuff in the book into the movie, but I’m loving how it’s turning out. So excited. How old are you? What grade are you in? Eric

  3. manbat

    I am in Ohio. Sometimes we get books before they go into the library. I love that because they are usually new books that haven’t been out very long. Thank you for responding to my comment! This is so cool! I’m spreading the word to my friends about Saltwater Taffy. I have a reading group at my church. If I get this for Christmas I’m going to do a read and tell about it and I’m also going to show them this webpage because it’s not very often that I get to speak to a author 🙂

  4. Author

    Glad you liked the adventure! What part of the country are you in and how did your reading class discover Saltwater Taffy? Accelerated Reader list? I’m sure your Dad loved it too….this was my intention….to create an adventure the whole family could enjoy!

  5. manbat

    Saltwater Taffy is a great book! I got this in my reading class. It’s on my Christmas list this year. Thank you for giving me so much fun. My Dad read it too. He loved it just as much and I did.


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